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SSTIC has been certificated ISO9001 and ISO14001. Moreover, wood-plastic material manufactured by SSTIC has successfully passed the tests of Shanghai Construction Material Bureau, National Construction Material Bureau, America ASTM standards and CE safety requirements. SSTIC works on the research and develop of the wood-plastic materials.

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Composite Decking Calculator

The good base on the composite decking will give out the wood odour. But the band can not be smelt this odour, even exit some pungent smell. Before buy, take the wood to smell, which can help you find the good composite decking. This may be composite decking calculator. The good wood composite outdoor decking density is high, and the cross section texture is smooth and uniform. What’s mor…

Advantages Of WPC Backyard Flooring

There are many kinds of decking can be used in backyard flooring. As I know, there is wood backyard flooring, wood composite backyard flooring, bamboo backyard flooring, softwood backyard flooring, geothermal heating backyard flooring, plastic backyard flooring, floor against static electricity, bamboo composite backyard flooring. The wood plastic composite decking are most used in backyard flo…

Qizhen WPC Exterior Wall Panels

The wood plastic composite wall panels have three kinds which are front exterior wall panel, mountain wall panels and eaves wall panels. The front exterior wall panel is loading-bar itself and the others are loading-bear. The exterior wall panels have the advantages on sound insulation and fire resistant. That the composite wall panels used widely. The wood plastic composite wall panels have th…

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